Release 23.1

Prepare for the future of high-throughput data analysis with Tower 23.1! This update offers a reimagined launchpad, more robust Fusion file system support, and an exciting preview of our new Data Explorer in Tower Cloud, among other enhancements.

Our team has also addressed various issues and delivered improvements based on your feedback from version 22.4. Discover all the fresh enhancements in the Tower 23.1 release notes.

Let’s dive into some of the exciting new features waiting for you in Tower 23.1.

Pipeline Launchpad redesign

Navigating through your pipelines is now easier thanks to our new list view feature, designed to augment the existing card view. This enhancement allows for efficient search and navigation to your chosen pipeline, spotlighting the most pertinent information and relationships between pipelines.

Launchpad redesign and pipeline enhancements

We didn’t stop there — we’re also introducing a comprehensive pipeline detail view that lets you dig into each pipeline’s specifics without the need to access the edit screen. The pipeline detail view will evolve to include pipeline history and versioning.

Create pipelines from runs

We’re excited to introduce a feature that enables you to create new pipelines directly from executed runs, capturing all run parameters in a reusable pipeline definition. This optimizes your reproducibility workflow and reduces the time spent on redundant tasks.

Dashboard and All Runs enhancements

With Tower 23.1, we’ve made the All Runs list view even better, providing additional information and simpler filtering. Moreover, users can now select a label to filter runs directly from within the runs list view.

We’ve also made several dashboard improvements:

  • Dashboard data export to CSV format.
  • Expanded time intervals for more insightful reporting.

Seqera Showcase

Introducing Seqera Showcase, a new public GitHub repository to highlight Tower’s programmatic approach. This repository comes packed with example pipelines, datasets, and compute environments, all available for import and export via the Tower CLI.

Entities such as pipelines, compute environments, and datasets can be exported in JSON format using the Tower CLI. This valuable feature allows you to create an infrastructure-as-code setup to store the exact configuration options used to generate these entities.

With this functionality, not only can you share and track changes over time, but it also grants the ability to define a workspace reproducibly. This is a game-changer for any team or individual aiming for consistent workflows and streamlined operations.

The Seqera Showcase repository contains a JSON representation of the Tower entities that were utilized to create the seqeralabs/showcase workspace and includes a handy collection of scripts for working with the Tower CLI.

Enhanced support for Fusion File System

Experience next-level performance with our enhanced Fusion v2 file system support in Google Cloud Batch environments. Fusion, a distributed and lightweight file system for cloud-native pipelines, improves performance by up to ~2.2x, compared to traditional cloud native object storage.

This integration enables you to process data more swiftly, efficiently, and affordably. Whether it’s real-time data processing, batch processing, or ETL operations, Fusion’s benefits will revolutionize your complex data pipeline management. Start running your data integration workflows directly against data residing in Google Cloud Storage!

WebSockets support

In this release we’ve added a new, more secure connection method between Tower and Wave using WebSockets. This feature is crucial for our enterprise clients, ensuring connection safety, improved efficiency, and enhanced control over traffic between Tower and Wave. With WebSockets, you can seamlessly connect your Tower and Wave instances and reap all the benefits Fusion has to offer.

Data Explorer (Cloud Preview)

Finally, we are thrilled to offer a public beta of our new Data Explorer in Tower Cloud this month. This feature represents a significant first step towards integrated data management in Tower, enabling users to automatically load and browse cloud buckets across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Other features

  • Admin panel enhancements to manage workspaces and teams
  • Default resource labels for workspaces applied to all compute environments

If you want to learn how Tower can help support your science, reach out to set up a demo.