Release 22.1

We are pleased to announce the 22.1 release of Tower. This release brings new features including a customizable run name for workflows, enhanced secrets handling, better reports and improved HPC scheduler support.

The release naming convention is changed and it reflects the year and the quarter, so our customers know to expect 4 enterprise releases per year.

Customizable workflow run name

From this release, Tower allows users to specify a custom name for each workflow run. This name will override the default runName parameter for the Nextflow run name. This feature allows to identify each run at a glance, facilitating the retrieval of a specific run from the list presented in the Runs page from the application.

More than 60% of new workflow runs in already make use of the custom run name.

Pipeline parameters

Pipeline secrets - improved

From 21.12, Tower uses the concept of Secrets to store the keys and tokens used by workflow tasks to interact with external systems e.g. a password to connect to an external database or an API token. In 22.1 we have improved the Secrets management by:

  • Introducing the possibility for users to create user-level secrets

  • Implementing a selection mechanism so users can dynamically select which secrets will be used by each pipeline launch

  • Enable Tower to capture specific OIDC attributes as secrets

Full information about Secrets is available here.

Improved web reports

Most Nextflow pipelines will generate reports or output files which are useful to inspect at the end of the pipeline execution. Since 21.12, Tower has a Reports feature that allows to directly visualise supported file types or to download them directly via the user interface.

The key improvements in 22.1:

  • Reports are configurable and no longer limited to workdir subdirectories

  • Tower enables the rendering of CSV and TSV files

A comprehensive documentation on how to setup reports and their constraints is available here

Enhanced HPC support

Tower 22.1 allows working with HPC MOAB platforms, expanding the supported alternatives for HPC computing.

We have implemented a first version of a much requested feature from HPC users: configure Tower to launch local repositories.

Other Enhancements

  • Add secure cookies [e28a3388]
  • Add GetLogsEvents perm to AWS Batch instance role [04b18668]
  • Add credentials view page [f3c63483]
  • Add ECS pull strategy in user-data template [e1b4914a]
  • Add root users environment when TOWER_ROOT_USERS variable is provided [e09db3e5]
  • Add Tower system message
  • Add support for JSON formatted logs [92122adb]
  • Add support for AWS agent and logging [6e68fd98][c080e9d4]
  • Add navigate back button to second level screens (#2578) (#2623) (5 weeks ago)
  • Add validation for SSH hostname and username [d0115de0][efb962bf]
  • Add config option to disable user private workspace [9e667bc0]
  • Allow partial searches [b8788b38]
  • Allow the use S3 bucket work dir along with EFS or FSx mounts [368d5caa]
  • Upload encrypted files at AWS S3 [40b87a2e]
  • Use default listening port (80) [a64852d9]
  • Improve secrets obfuscation in log file [7e52c76b]
  • Improve EBS autoscaling [fe7fe728]
  • Increase tower config max size to 3500 character [a01ee72c]
  • Disable resume for failed workflows [3c2c7ad3]
  • Set max length validator to the workflow launch form fields [5326114b]
  • Check valid EFS and FSx mount points [633fdcd8]
  • Make Dataset api public (#2240) [2fd32c51]
  • Upgrade Angular 13
  • Upgrade Micronaut 3.x (#2364)
  • Upgrade logback to version 1.2.8 (#2418)
  • Bump log4js from 6.3.0 to 6.4.0 in /tower-web (#2535)
  • Bump base image nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.14_2
  • Bump nf-launcher 22.03.1-edge
  • Increase agent websockets payload size to 5Mb [5f3e5428]
  • 484005bd - Always retry NF process when using AWS sport instances
  • fe7fe728 - Improve EBS autoscaling (8 days ago)
  • 8dc800c2 - feature: improve parse the pipeline schema
  • Default to Nextflow DSL version 1 [e88a3e59]


  • Fix job status is updated in the in-memory tracker before running the job in the local CE platform (#2460) (3 months ago)
  • Fix normalize dataset name [fcbe417d]
  • Fix Allow dot in AWS ARN string [d5c5cd9e]
  • Fix issue with K8s compute env stalling in creating status [72c03cd9]
  • Fix set cookie acceptance cookie path to / [e2e] (#2773) [ba0cae7a]
  • Fix EFS and FSx permission when job run with non-root user (#2659) [0e169bb9]
  • Fix reports at grid and agent platforms [ba397137]
  • Fix load SLURM CE details in view mode [80cc0e9b]
  • Fix Display dates with YYYY-MM-DD format on runs page [830606af]
  • Fix Unable to download execution log from a workflow with working directory specified just as “bucket” name [d025917c]
  • Fix Prevent the creation of Spot fleet role [95acea2c]
  • Fix Prevent deletion of an active workflow run [ba1f1ce9]
  • Fix Prevent XSS attacks when uploading a datatable file (#2944)[6d98210c]
  • 8759d92e - Validate launch/re-launch action depending the user role
  • d6113805 - Bump base image nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.14_2 [ci fast]